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We often have additional horses for sale that are not listed here. Contact Us for updates and let us know what you're looking for.

Fiasco GR - "Skye" - SOLD!
Fiasco GR "Skye" is a registered Arabian gelding. He is 9 years old and stands 14.3H. He is leggy and upright and appears much taller. Skye has the type of personality that the Bedouins would have cherished. He would've done well sharing a tent with people...his ground manners are impeccable and he wants to be close by. He depends on his person to give him guidance, and is very willing to do whatever is asked of him. Skye has been trail ridden. He is very athletic and would excel in the show ring as well as the trail. He has naturally collected gaits, and can be ridden in a bit, hackamore, sidepull or halter. His working trot is lofty, but he can flatten it out when he extends it....he can really move at the trot when he's going down the trail. Skye is sound, healthy, low in the social ladder, and needs that special someone to bond with. He wants to be told what to do, so an experienced rider is important for his self-confidence. This guy reacts to stuff that touches him, but is oblivious to deer and turkeys running around in the woods. He would attempt to jump the moon for the right person. Asking $1500, but we are a bit negotiable to the right home.

Check out his video on youtube:


Lil Bits George Amir - "Jamir" - SOLD!
Registered 1/2 Arabian. Jamir is a 12 year old, 15.2H black bay gelding. He has trail experience and is an incredible endurance or competitive trail prospect. He will do whatever you ask as long as he understands it: loads, ties, has excellent ground manners, trail rides alone or in company. This boy has a unique mix of TWH and paint along with his Arab lines. His walk is like the Tennessee Walker; he covers ground. He is not gaited and has a comfortable trot and canter. He is a sweet, willing horse and is not "hot". That being said, he is still part Arab, and enjoys trotting down the trail with his person. He is VERY people-oriented and will be a devoted partner to the right person. He is sensitive and giving, and I will be fussy about finding him the right home. Jamir is sound - he has fantastic feet - and is up to date on vaccinations, trimming, and deworming. He has a small scar above his right eye, and has a blue spot on that eye. Our vet checked it out and said that his vision is fine. Call for price.

Check out his videos on youtube:


Banner - SOLD!
1/2 Arabian gelding (grade). 9 years old, 14.3H, light palomino. Flawless, uphill conformation. Banner has had professional training and is an athletic, forward-moving horse who is responsive and willing. This guy has really nice gaits and loves to go. He would make an excellent gaming, cross-country or endurance prospect, as well as a great trail horse, especially for someone who likes to do more than just walk. Banner is busy-minded and likes challenges. He would much rather be on the trail than in an arena setting, but he has been trained for both. He still has a boyish, playful attitude and needs to be kept on task...he's fun to ride and absolutely loves attention. He enjoys grooming, loads well, ties, and is good for the farrier and vet. Sound (has never needed shoes), healthy, up to date on dental, vaccinations, deworming and trimming. Banner is a typical Arabian attitude and is alert to new things; we recommend him for a confident intermediate or experienced rider. He will be able to go as far as you want to take him. Asking $1500 to good home.

Check out his video on youtube:


McAshley - "Levi" - SOLD!
Sweet, talented young gelding. Registered 1/2 Arabian. 15.1H, 8 years old, chestnut. Professional training; lessons, hunt seat, jumper, dressage, endurance. "Levi" takes his leads, gives to leg, has a good stop, and carries himself beautifully. He is not prancy at all, in fact, needs to be pushed a bit when in the arena. Levi can also go out on a nice trail ride, and with his very low pulse, recoveries, huge heart girth, efficient build, and excellent feet, he'd make a very good competitive trail mount. He is also Sweepstakes nominated. Sweet-natured, friendly guy who is very eager to please.

Check out his video on youtube:



Daisy - SOLD!
Our little "energizer bunny"!!! Daisy and her 12 yr old Jr. rider are at this point, #1 in UMECRA, MnDRA and the Midwest for Jr. LD mileage. Daisy is just 5 yrs old, and 13.2H. Her young rider doesn't want to part with her, but she's just getting too tall for Daisy. Daisy loves to go but is very sane about vetting, trailering, picketing, blanketing, etc. She is low in the pecking order but has enough sass to be very competitive in endurance. She has been barefoot all year, even completing the SE ride without a hitch. Daisy is extremely sure-footed, well-balanced and also loves to jump; she would also be an excellent pony club prospect. Daisy isn't registered, but we believe her to be a pony/Arab cross. I'm asking $2000 for her.


RC Kalypso - SOLD!
Registered grey, 1/2 Arab, 14.2H coming 4 yr old mare.

Kalypso is Rushcreek bred on the bottom side and we REALLY liked her dam. Her sire is one of 3 stallions who were on the other side of the fence. Arab, QH, or TB. Guessing she's 1/2 QH or TB.

Kalypso has potential for barrels, Hunter Under Saddle, dressage, endurance; she could go almost any direction. She's smart, fun to work with and a bit sassy. She has had over 30 days of professional training and has been out on the trail. She is very sensitive to cues, requires a light hand, has quick transitions and an excellent stop. Gorgeous floaty trot.

Kalypso is confident on the trail and would love endurance riding. She was messed with a lot as a baby and is not a spooky horse and is very personable; loves attention. She'd be a really fun QUALITY project for someone.

Sound, healthy, correct conformation and up to date on trimming, deworming, vaccinations, etc. $1200.

Check out her video on youtube:

Email me for more pictures.

You can view Kalypso's pedigree at:

UPDATE 3/7/2012: Kalypso has more and more energy as she gets in better shape. This is a confident mare who is also extremely responsive; uses her butt to stop, neck reins and side-passes. She loves going on the trail so would be fantastic at endurance, but would also be a super reining prospect. She LOVES to work!

If you want a stable friendship, get a horse.
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