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We have a limited number of openings for training. We'll get your horse out for a tune-up on the trail, or we'll start an unbroke horse with basic ground work to starting them under saddle. We specialize in training horses for trail riding...and we live next to Fort Ridgely State Park, so we can expose the horses to a lot of trail.

We have listened to and follow, methods by several big-name trainers such as Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli, but we cater to what that particular horse needs. Much of my own experience is in working with Arabians, but we've worked with most breeds.

We believe that gaining a horse's trust is key to their training. However, we don't put up with aggressive vices, either.

We also look at total health to make sure the horse isn't dealing with other pain issues like ulcers, chiropractic issues, dental issues, etc.

We encourage owners to work with their horse here before they take it home. Consistency in a horse's training methods establishes a more successful transition back to your stable.

The horse will leap over trenches, will jump out of them, will do anything else, provided one grants him praise and respite after his accomplishment.

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